National Museum of Computing gets funding boost

Future prospects for the UK National Museum of Computing have received a lift with a £100,000 donation from Bletchley Park Capital Partners.

The BPCP funding will be used to help pay the Museum’s running costs and to help secure its further development. BPCP will also provide resources to redecorate the Museum building, also known as the historic ‘Block H’ which, as home to the war-time Colossus machines, lays claim to being the world’s first purpose-built computer centre.

The growing range of displays at NMOC include a rebuild of Colossus Mk II, the ongoing restoration of the WITCH-Harwell computer of the 1950s, mainframes of the 1960s, the National Physical Laboratory’s Gallery on the Technology of the Internet, plus hands-on micros from the 1970s and 1980s and a retro-programming classroom.

“With the hard work of our dedicated and unpaid volunteers, we have been able to put on public display an astonishing range of world-class exhibits,” says director and trustee of NMOC Jon Fell. “BPCP’s funding helps secure the Museum’s future, but, with their experience in refurbishing buildings at Bletchley Park, will also enable us to sharpen up the Museum environment for visitors and volunteers.”

“The existence of the computer museum on this historic site alongside some great new innovative technology companies is an inspiration,” Tim Reynolds, Chairman of Bletchley Park Capital Partners Chairman Tim Reynolds adds. “We encourage other companies to join us in our support of this tremendous educational and cultural resource.”

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