Mobile charging station to rescue stranded electric cars

A Swiss company has unveiled a mobile charging system for electric cars, providing technology for charging the batteries of stranded electric vehicles at the roadside.

As governments set targets for growing use of electric cars, Nation-E says its Angel Car concept will be a key solution to 'range anxiety' and makes driving e-cars realistic even without huge deployments of new infrastructure.

Based on the idea of a standard breakdown service, a big carrier with an over-size battery can recharge a stranded vehicle enough for it to make its own way to a nearby charging station. Nation-E's mobile charging system can be installed on any standard service car or on a dedicated 'Angel Car' unit.

This Angel Car Mobile Service Unit is equipped with an on-board 230V charger that is capable of delivering 2-3kWh in less than 15 minutes to a vehicle with a flat battery, enabling up to 30km of additional autonomy.

The communication between the two vehicles is facilitated through Nation-E's battery management system, which can interrogate and examine the parameters and the verification permits of the car battery, and determine the quantity and intensity of energy that should be fast-charged into it. The unit is equipped with a touch screen that enables the controlled flow of energy.

Nation-E has developed this solution using its expertise in large-scale battery management systems, and has demonstrated the NationMobile Angel Car this month in Brussels in front of key industry players and politicians.

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