German offshore wind farm completed

Construction of a German offshore wind farm has recently been completed. The Baltic Sea wind farm, known as  Baltic 1 , which is made up of  21 wind turbines, has now been completed and is set to enter the commissioning phase - the final step before energy production can begin.

After last year's completion of Germany's first deepwater offshore wind farm, Alpha Ventus, several new projects are also now underway. BARD Offshore 1, another wind farm with 80 five megawatt turbines, is currently under construction 100 km off the North Sea coast. More than 30 wind parks have also already received formal approval.

According to HSBC, the global offshore market is predicted to grow at approximately 29 per cent between 2009 and 2020, with Germany set to be one of the major contributors.

Germany currently represents over 16 per cent of global installed capacity. By the end of 2009, total capacity and production accounted for 25,777 MW and 38 billion kWh respectively. International and domestic enterprises in Germany's wind energy industry posted turnover exceeding EUR 50 billion in 2009, with high export levels accelerating growth.

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