Ford UK praised for engine exports achievement

The British government today praised car giant Ford for increasing exports of its UK-built engines, highlighting its value to the country's manufacturing sector.

British-built engines now power all of Ford's European production of the Fiesta model and the company employs 15,000 workers in the UK, new figures showed. Engines are exported to 15 countries over six continents, Ford announced.

Business minister Mark Prisk said: "It is an amazing achievement for the UK that nearly a third of all the cars built by Ford globally will have an engine that's been designed and built by Ford in the UK. It is a good example of the UK as a world-class manufacturing base that can successfully export all over the world."

Joe Greenwell, chairman of Ford Britain, said: "Ford's UK operations are vital to our global strategy and they draw on an engineering resource that has tremendous potential to expand. Just as Ford's British engines power our business globally, so Britain's manufacturing sector can power the economy to a sustainable recovery."

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