Central Maryland set for smart meter implementation

Baltimore Gas and Electric has teamed with Accenture and Oracle to implement a smart meter network for its 1.2 million customers. The planned implementation is part of a smart grid initiative that aims to reduce peak electricity demand, increase customer service and enhance operational performance.

Smart grid will provide customers with detailed information regarding energy consumption and cost, and will deliver data that is hoped will enhance the performance of the US company’s distribution network. The initiative will also look help the state of Maryland achieve its goal of a 15 per cent reduction in total system demand by 2015.

Accenture will provide systems integration services including the design, build and management of a customer web portal, meter data management system, advanced metering infrastructure, and integration related to customer care and billing and outage management systems. They will also provide project management support through planning, execution, field deployment and change management activities.

The smart meter network will leverage Oracle’s utilities meter data management system to help manage and analyse high volumes of meter data while providing customers with detailed energy usage data, which is expected to result in decreased peak energy consumption and electric bills. There are also plans to integrate the meter data management system with its existing Oracle utilities network (outage) management system to enhance outage management processes with near real-time outage and restoration verification capabilities.

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