'Belt and braces' approach tops security opts

The most effective data security approach involves technology that protects applications and databases, alongside AV software and hardware firewalls, according to a survey.

The survey, by data security solutions firm Imperva, found that Web application firewalls were among the top five rated technologies for reducing the number of data breach incidents. Others technologies included network data loss prevention, full drive encryption, server/endpoint hardening, and endpoint data loss prevention.

The survey’s other findings include:

  • Malicious intentions are behind 62 per cent of data theft. Insider breaches comprised 33 per cent of incidents, while hackers comprised 29 per cent; the remaining breaches were ‘accidental’.
  • Nearly two-thirds of respondent organisations did not know if they suffered any data breach incidents, or stated that they did not experience any. Of those that did, 46 per cent saw a decline in breaches, while 27 per cent reported the same number of breaches from the previous year.

The survey found that enterprise data security initiatives have accelerated data security as data theft, and monetisation of data, become the ultimate goal for hackers and malicious insiders. Regulatory scrutiny continues to drive many data security initiatives.

In fact, 88 per cent of respondents noted that PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) was the primary driver for their information security program. Organisations are challenged with securing their data and maintaining regulatory compliance while controlling cost, complexity, and risk.

The independent survey of more than 1,100 multinational IT security practitioners was conducted by analyst firm Securosis in June and July 2010. Organisations across all major vertical markets and company sizes were surveyed, its says.

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