AboveNet choose ROADMs for network expansion

AboveNet is expanding its international network of high-bandwidth fibre-optic links so customers will be able to connect seamlessly between the US, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Paris.

The new infrastructure uses reconfigurable optical add-/drop multiplexers (ROADMs) in London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam so AboveNet can quickly configure and reconfigure connections as customers' needs change. It also has an advanced IP/Ethernet router layer to support packet-based services.

"For us in Europe, if you're doing a network from scratch then ROADMs are the obvious way to do it," said John Donaldson, managing director of AboveNet in the UK, because of the balance of cost and flexibility that the ROADMs bring, and the fact that using the devices doesn't bring a performance penalty.

Brett Johnson, vice president of business development, said: "ROADMs are a highly scalable, flexible solution, which avoid you having to upgrade throughout your network in order to make a change. Over the long term, they give you better economics."

AboveNet has built its own high-performance dense fibre networks in 16 metropolitan areas including London, New York, Chicago and Boston. It has used these networks to serve customers in the financial services industry, who need to move large amounts of data for business continuity purposes; media, especially for shifting movie files between effects houses;   and web-centric businesses, for which the ring topology that AboveNet uses offers useful redundancy.

The latest move sees AboveNet expand its service in London, and add networks in Paris to serve large enterprises, in Frankfurt for the financial services businesses there, and in Amsterdam for its web activity. According to Johnson, the network that AboveNet has built means that it would be possible to connect to one of its core hubs in Amsterdam on fibre and reach a user in London in two network hops.

The company sells high performance connections of 1Gbit/s and above, and has even built ring networks for some London clients that dedicate entire wavelengths to their needs.

"Once the connection is in, with ROADM customers can add or drops rings as they wish," said Johnson. "It's only these sort of assets that give you the unique proposition."

AboveNet leases high-capacity lines between it metro ring networks in Europe as well as transatlantic capacity. Johnson says the network enables clients to link offices spread out in a single city with similar performance to a local area network. The network performance, especially its low latency, also means that some financial services customers are now using it to link up algorithmic trading systems.

The network expansion is also designed to reach more than 30 of the most significant data centres in these markets. AboveNet is already connected to more than 400 data centres globally.

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