Social media 'improves customer relationships'

Ninety-five per cent of UK companies surveyed believe social media ‘offers business an opportunity to improve communication’.

The findings come from research completed at a Open Text Corporation customer Content Day event, sampling more than 300 attendant IT executives and business decision makers. Forty-three per cent of respondents confirmed business drivers for using social media are its ‘direct and personal route of contact with customers and partners’.

Security was seen to be the biggest barrier to long-term adoption registering 41 per cent, with 20 per cent reporting that a ‘lack of control over message’ was also a concern.

The research’s other key research findings include:

  • 33 per cent of businesses found that corporate employee training videos were most valuable, with 30 per cent listing product demonstrations.
  • 40 per cent reported that Facebook and LinkedIn were both preferred social media sites for ease of use.
  • 93 per cent of respondents believe corporate blogging ‘can help corporate communications’.
  • More than a quarter of large organisations ‘expect social media to improve customer service’.
  • More than a quarter of organisations regularly use Twitter for business purposes, but the most popular site is Linkedin with 35 per cent uptake.

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