Organisations 'not reaching out to female IT talent'

Inspiring female role models in the IT world are still rare, according to a poll from the 360°IT - The IT Infrastructure Event (Earls Court, 22-23 September 2010).

Its findings indicate that the industry still faces a ‘massive dearth’ of women in IT positions, with 75 per cent responding that their organisations are not doing enough to attract women into the IT profession, and only 5 per cent believing that enough is being done.

However, the view is not shared by all respondents to the poll: some 20 per cent said that there were ‘already enough women in IT’, and that ‘no more needs to be done’.

“Research by [management consulting firm] McKinsey has shown a link between the number of women in senior positions and strong financial performance,” says Maggie Berry, managing director of information portal Women In technology, and a speaker at 360°IT. “In an IT sector that is becoming increasingly crowded and commoditised, organisations need to harness creativity to differentiate, innovate, and stay ahead of the competition… Bringing more women into the mix [provides] fresh ideas, approaches, and insights previously unavailable to the organisation.”

Berry adds: “There is definitely more that can be done to entice women into IT: organisations should look to market themselves more directly to women, exhibiting at female-centric events with appealing collateral”.

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