Wolfson Electronics' audio technology adopted by LG smartphones

Wolfson Microelectronics plc has announced that its audio hub solution, the WM8993, and its high-performance low-power audio amplifier, the WM9093, have been selected by mobile phone and smartphone manufacturer LG for its latest devices.

Both the WM8993 and the WM9093 have been specifically designed for portable devices. The WM8993 ultra-low-power audio hub is incorporated into several LG phones, including the LG-LB4400 music phone, a collaboration between LG and media player manufacturer, iriver. The WM9093 also features in a number of LG phones, including the Android-powered LG Optimus GT540 smartphone.

The WM8993 provides a high degree of noise immunity and features ground referenced Class W headphone drivers, which reportedly results in a reduction in playback power consumption, giving over 100 hours of playback time in normal use.

The hub also delivers mixing capabilities, allowing a device to support a wide range of audio architectures and use cases, while its active ground loop noise rejection and DC offset correction help prevent pop noise and ground noise from degrading headphone output quality.

The high-performance, low-power WM9093 features a range of highly configurable input stages, capless Class G headphone outputs and a mono Class D speaker amplifier with auto gain control into a tiny CSP package with a minimal of external components. Such an audio amplifier is ideal for feature and smartphones where small PCB area, ultra-low power consumption and audio quality are paramount.

Duncan Macadie, product line manager for Audio Hubs at Wolfson Microelectronics, said: “We are delighted that LG has chosen to incorporate two of our industry-leading devices into a range of its highly integrated mobile phones and smartphones. Our depth of knowledge, expertise, technology and global support makes Wolfson the perfect partner.”

Wolfson’s alternative audio hub solution, the WM8994, was previously selected for two of Samsung's smartphones, the Wave and Galaxy S.

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