Windows 7 upgrades boost Microsoft profits

Microsoft says it has sold 175m copies of Windows 7 since the launch of its desktop operating system launch in October 2009.

Healthy sales helped to push Q4/2009 revenue from its Windows division, which includes Windows Server 2008, up 44 per cent year on year to $4.55bn (£3bn). Net income from all divisions, including Office 2010 and online services, rose 48 per cent to $4.52bn.

Chip maker Intel also saw revenue rise 34 per cent year on year for the quarter ended 26 June, with sales of server CPUs particularly strong, said the company.

The figures suggest fears of a double dip recession within corporate IT spending may be unfounded, with delayed investment in new PCs and servers finally in full swing after years of postponement due to budget constraints.

Microsoft’s yearly figures saw revenue rise 7 per cent to $63bn (£41bn), and profit increase 29 per cent to $19bn (£12bn) compared to the 2009.

Despite the lion’s share of its income still coming from traditional on-premise software, Microsoft will push heavily into cloud computing and ‘IT as a service’ over the next year, as well mobile phone OS to rival Apple.

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