Publication of independent report on further education

Clearer information is required on cost of training says report

Chris Banks’ review recommends:

  • Government contributions to the cost of appropriate training should follow and support the choices and contributions of individuals and employers where required; and
  • Clear information should be provided about the total cost of a course and the quality of provision; and
  • Options for the individual to have access to financial support to meet the cost of their contribution to their course.

John Hayes, minister for Further Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning, said:

“I would like to thank Chris Banks and the Review Group for all their work in carrying out this review and consulting extensively with the sector.

“We are committed to making the Further Education system as flexible, effective and efficient as possible, as well as ensuring learners, employers and the Government achieve best value for their investment. My own determined view is that however we move forward, the most disadvantaged learners should not be worse off.

“I welcome the valuable contribution this document will make to addressing issues within the current system in place for co-investment in Further Education, and the broader challenges facing the sector.”

The Department will consult further with the sector and gain advice during the summer on Chris Banks’ findings and suggestions, and how the recommendations could be implemented in an efficient and fair way that ensures disadvantaged learners do not miss out.

Currently, although many adults and employers benefit from Further Education, only a minority of them are asked to make a contribution to the cost of their course. Chris Banks’ recommendations are aimed at making Government funding more efficient and effective and helping the sector secure further investment from other sources.

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