Power connector designed specially for passive-safety products

In line with the growing trend to install 'passively safe' roadside furniture, Molex has introduced a quick-disconnect power connector for use in impact-absorbing poles carrying roadside lighting and signage.

According to Molex, the passive safety pole connector dramatically speeds up installation, repair and temporary removal of street furniture and conforms to legislation that is expected to come into force across EU, stipulating changes in roadside furniture construction and materials to better absorb impact and lessen personal injury of motorists in the event of a crash.

In particular, there will be a requirement that when a vehicle hits powered roadside equipment the system must disconnect the electrical supply within 0.4 seconds of impact. Relevant standards include TA 89/05, BS EN 12767 and BS EN 60309-1&2.

Motion sensors and circuit protection devices available now do not prevent tearing or tethering of wires on impact with a pole. As a designer of specialist connector technology, Molex worked with key manufacturers and suppliers of roadside equipment and furniture to design and develop a connection system that resolves these problems. The passive safety pole connector includes safety devices and systems that operate without need for human input or action. Successful crash tests have shown that it functions as designed.

Molex says the device's low extraction force combined with IP68 sealing and superior electrical and mechanical performance mean it is also suitable for generators at docks, electric cars, golf buggies and carts, emergency vehicles, as well as for temporary speaker and lighting installations at open air concerts.


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