IT now driven by the 'big news' agenda

Vendors and resellers must ‘move quickly to stay ahead’ in a global environment where environmental crisis and cross-border business issues can drive the IT agenda, says Canalys.

In an overview of key trends that will drive IT planning and development over the next two years, the analyst says that the issues that shape IT trends are increasingly exigency-driven, and that the IT industry must broaden its awareness of how the ‘big stories’ are impinging on its livelihood. The impact of major environmental crises, such as the BP oil spill and the Icelandic volcano eruption, to the changing role of energy, and cross-border business issues, are recent examples of this.

Areas of key concern include:

  • Cloud Computing. At the same time as it grows in importance within IT deployments, security issues increase, and companies contemplate public-versus-private clouds and regulation and compliance burdens.
  • Energy efficiency is becoming one of the most important criteria in data centre design, demanding significant skills to evaluate alternative energy consumption and procurement scenarios. Are we facing a future where IT energy consumption will be regulated by law? And energy management within data centres is a key part of this scenario
  • Global IT ambitions versus local laws and cultural issues will form the backdrop, as a difficult business planning environment emerges for the IT industry. Environmental crises, fluctuating energy costs, and fast-changing business and consumer IT needs, will form new challenges and opportunities IT industry.
  • Mobile device mayhem: smart phones now represent 20 per cent of total mobile phone sales, and the enterprise will become increasingly mobile.
  • The consumer IT gap. Technologically, the office continues to fall behind the home. This gap will widen unless CIOs find a way to meet security and compliance requirements without compromising technological adoption.
  • The business of social networking. As companies explore the actual value of these services, social networking will continue to alter business communications.

Over 700 IT resellers, distributors, and vendors, from across EMEA will debate these topics at the Canalys Channels Forum, ‘Prepare To Switch On’, being held from 5 to 7 October 2010 in Barcelona.

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