Gartner punts Cloud service expectations baseline

Analyst Gartner has proposed six ‘basic rights’ for Cloud Computing customers designed to help consumers and providers set-up and maintain sound business relationships.

The market-watcher’s Global IT Council for Cloud Services – consisting of CIOs of large enterprises that consume Cloud services, and Gartner analysts – has made identifying key rights of service consumers and how they might be upheld, its priority.

“If cloud services are commoditised, providers should offer stronger customer guarantees,” says, Gartner managing vice president and Fellow Daryl Plummer. “Service providers either do not offer protections, or vary greatly in the protections they do offer.”

The Council has so far identified six rights, and one responsibility of Cloud Computing services consumers that it believes will enable providers and consumers to work more productively together. They are:

  • The right to retain ownership, use, and control one's own data.
  • The right to service-level agreements that address liabilities, remediation, and business outcomes.
  • The right to notification and choice about changes that affect the service consumers' business processes.
  • The right to understand the technical limitations or requirements of the service up front.
  • The right to understand the legal requirements of jurisdictions in which the provider operates.
  • The right to know what security processes the provider follows.
  • The responsibility to understand and adhere to software license requirements.

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