Cyber security skills search starts

What’s been launched as the UK’s ‘first hunt for future cyber security professionals’ has begun.

The Cyber Security Challenge UK is a series of online and face-to-face national competitions designed by security, education, and government organisations as a response to the perceived shortage of skilled specialists in the cyber security sector, and the mounting challenge of protecting the UK’s online assets with current human resources.

The Cyber Security Challenge will seek out talented UK individuals capable of becoming first line defenders against cyber attacks. The programme will excite and inspire participants to consider a career as a cyber security professional.

Launched by the Rt Hon Baroness Neville-Jones, minister for Security, the latest technologies will be employed to test the mettle of everyone from teenagers to IT professionals. Two competitions are being unveiled initially: a virtual competition where participants compete online; and a face to face playoff for the most successful participants in the virtual stage.

More than 30 prizes are offered, selected for their ability to help winners progress career opportunities in the cyber security profession:

  • Bursaries for university courses – e.g. £3,300 funding towards an MSc Electronics & Security, Queen's University, Belfast.
  • Places on top private-sector training courses – e.g., a two-week placement on Detica Cyber Security Academy, places on Sans Institute training courses.
  • Access to professional expertise and resources.
  • Memberships of professional cyber security industry associations.

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