Vac from the Sea sucks plastic waste out of world's oceans

Electrolux has announced its intention to gather plastic from the world’s oceans and turn it into a range of vacuum cleaners.

The initiative – called “Vac from the Sea” – aims to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution whilst also resolving the scarcity of recycled plastics needed to manufacture sustainable home appliances.

“There are plastic islands, some several times the size of the state of Texas, floating in our oceans. Yet on land, we struggle to get hold of enough recycled plastics to meet the demand for sustainable vacuum cleaners. What the world needs now is a better plastic karma”, said Cecilia Nord, Vice President, Floor Care Environmental and Sustainability Affairs, Electrolux.

The techniques for harvesting the plastic will vary depending on location and will range from diving for it to scooping it from the waves. “We will work together with volunteers and experts that live close or work with this problem,” Nord said.

“More recycling directly translates into more sustainable appliances and homes. Our engineers have managed to get our green range vacuum cleaners up to 70 percent recycled plastic, but our ultimate vision is of course 100 percent and for all ranges”, said Jonas Magnusson, Product Marketing Manager at Electrolux.

The plan is to make a limited number of vacuum cleaners from plastic debris harvested from the Pacific and Indian oceans, the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the North Sea. The Pacific Ocean is currently polluted with the largest floating garbage islands in the world.

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