Unstructured data is growing fastest: survey

Unstructured data is the fastest-growing data type within enterprise storage environments, according to a survey by Compellent.

The survey at Compellent’s C-Drive user/partner conference last month, was designed to identify the most pressing storage needs facing the vendor’s customers globally, and included major storage users from most vertical sectors, including healthcare, government, financial services, education, professional services, and more.

While 51 per cent of those surveyed cited unstructured data as their biggest source of data growth, more than a third - 37 per cent - still identified structured data, such as databases and customer applications, as their biggest growth challenge.

Some 67 per cent of users surveyed have chosen to replicate their business-critical data to remote sites for disaster recovery, with only a small subset – 18 per cent - of users relying on traditional server-based replication solutions.

Due to the efficiency and granularity of Compellent’s automated tiered storage, the survey found that 81 per cent of disk upgrades were for cost-effective, high-capacity drives, rather than for more expensive, high-performance drives.

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