Synopsys to buy Virage Logic

Synopsys has decided to buy semiconductor intellectual property (IP) specialist Virage Logic for approximately $315m in cash.

Similar to Cadence, Synopsys is expecting an increase in the use of third-party IP by chipmakers. Synopsys CEO Aart de Geus said: “The trend of IP outsourcing is a massive trend. People are moving towards using commercial IP where they can except where they can add differentiation. The downturn has helped many executives realise that outsourcing these efforts makes a lot of sense.”

De Geus argued that there is very little between the current Synopys and Virage IP portfolios and that the acquisition does not bring the company into conflict with ARM, particularly in the case of the processor cores designed by ARC International, which Virage bought last year. “ARM is one of our most important partners and is a friend of the company, a company around which we have built a number of our offerings. ARC is interesting because it so supports the ARM core processor. It provides a controller that can be used for subtasks to offload the main processor. It will be interesting to see how we can build solutions with ARM.”

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