IT pros will put corporate goals first during World Cup

Enterprise IT professionals are potential ‘knights in shining armour’ poised to ‘ride into battle’ to remediate problems, despite of the distractions posed by the World Cup.

A study by security lifecycle management solutions vendor Tufin Technologies based on a survey of  241 IT professionals asked them if a major IT crisis occurred during the World Cup final, would they delay fixing it?

Some 87 per cent said that they would forego the match to fix the problem. Tufin repeated their survey among IT professionals in the US to see if they were different to their UK counterparts, asking if they would continue to watch the SuperBowl in the event of a major problem.  A similar level of response was determined, with 80 per cent of the 262 US respondents saying they would ‘stop watching, and fix the disaster’.

A minority of respondents – 12 per cent in the UK, and 15 per cent in the US – would continue to watch the game while leaving the organisation to effectively fend for itself.

“There have been many reports of staff skiving to watch the matches – especially with the favourable time differences, but our study shows that many [techies] won’t be taking their eye of the ball,” commented Tufin Technologies VP products Shaul Efraim. “IT professionals have been busy preparing for this event, fully aware that there will be those within the organisation that could compromise the system by accessing streamed video content, downloading apps, and visiting websites – all potentially harbouring and injecting malicious code.”

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