Internet traffic to quadruple by 2014

Increased video downloads and web communications will cause Internet traffic to quadruple by 2014, according to the latest results from Cisco’s visual networking index.

The network and telecommunications equipment giant estimates that the volume of data traversing the world wide web will increase to 767 exabytes over a four-year period.

The rapid increase, set to explode in 2013, will be driven largely by various forms of video, including IP TV, video on demand, streaming and peer to peer, it said, making up over 91 per cent of all traffic.

Cisco’s estimates may derive from a little wishful thinking. The company makes a living from selling routers and switches that make up the backbone of telecommunications networks propping up the Internet and has invested heavily in video conferencing and collaboration technology in recent years.

Internet bandwidth forecasts tend to vary. Cisco itself has altered its annual IP traffic forecasts in the past - in 2008 it claimed traffic would approach a zettabyte, or 1,000 exabytes, by 2012. It also forecast a compound annual growth rate of 34 per cent for the same year, with the rate of growth slowing beyond 2008.

Besides video, other contributors to online traffic growth are likely to include peer to peer file sharing, cloud computing and remote backup services, and online gaming and virtual worlds.
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