Hitachi Data Systems joins consumer cloud fray

Hitachi's IT subsidiary, Hitachi Data Systems has announced that it will be entering the nascent online storage provisioning market by supplying 'white box' solutions which ISPs will be able to deploy to service consumers.

Named the 'Hitachi Cloud Service for Private File Tiering', it is the first in the Hitachi Cloud Services suite and will enable both enterprise and crucially consumer customers to move file data into a cloud storage environment and pay only for what they consume, when they consume it.

The company is partnering with Digi-Data Corporation to offer a public online cloud storage solution that will enable telcos to provide public cloud storage-as-a-service offerings to consumers and small businesses.

Providers will have access to metering features, and integration to billing systems to charge end-users based on consumption. Providers can integrate their own applications, business and processing systems, and end-user interfaces into the cloud infrastructure.

“Telecommunications providers worldwide [will] benefit from seamless and continuous access to digital assets anywhere with an internet connection,” said Dennis Cindrich, chief executive officer Digi-Data.

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