Google ditches Windows over security concerns

Google is urging its employees to dump Microsoft Windows in favour of Mac OS and Linux citing security concerns, say reports.

According to the Financial Times, Google employees joining the company are being given the option of using either Apple Macs or PCs using Linux, rather than Windows.

The Microsoft operating system is no longer approved for use on desktop computers without specific CIO level approval, though it is still allowed on company laptops, said sources.

Google’s growing rivalry and competition with Microsoft may be prompting the company to ‘eat its own dog food’. Both companies offer mobile operating systems (Chrome and Windows Mobile), search engines (Google and Bing), and hosted applications (Google Apps and Office Web Apps), and Google may be preparing a full scale internal migration to Chrome to support its employees use of its own web application environment.  

Windows has a long track record of security flaws and vulnerabilities, with hackers continuing to focus on an OS that sits on over 90 per cent of the world’s computers.

In January this year, hackers exploited a vulnerability in Internet Explorer to gain access to commercially sensitive application source code at large IT companies, including Google, Adobe, Juniper Networks and Rackspace, though the involvement of a Chinese government security consultant was not proven.

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