GlobalFoundries to expand 300mm fabs

GlobalFoundries has revealed plans to expand its global semiconductor manufacturing operations with a series of new 300mm projects.

The company said it will build an additional wafer manufacturing facility at Fab 1 in Dresden designed to add additional 45, 40 and 28nm capacity and increase overall output to 80,000 wafers per month once fully ramped. The foundry will also enlarge the clean room shell currently under construction at Fab 8 in New York to provide the option to increase capacity at 28, 22 and 20nm and bring overall site output up to 60,000 wafers per month once fully equipped

“Our 300mm fabs have been consistently ranked among the most advanced and efficient in the industry,” said Chia Song Hwee, chief operating officer of GlobalFoundries. “Now we are taking our heritage of lean foundry manufacturing and world-class fab performance and making it available on a broader scale to meet the demands of the world’s leading chip design companies. With this aggressive capacity build-out plan, we are well positioned to provide new and existing customers with the fastest option to get advanced products to market in the volumes they need to ensure success.”

In addition to the capacity expansion projects at Fab 1 and Fab 8, GlobalFoundries’ majority shareholder, the Advanced Technology Investment Company (ATIC), announced initial plans for the creation of a technology cluster in Abu Dhabi. The site, adjacent to Abu Dhabi International Airport and measuring three square kilometres in size, is intended to be the Middle Eastern hub of a technology and manufacturing network to support the long-term deployment of capital for ATIC portfolio companies, in capital-intensive advanced technologies.

Ibrahim Ajami, chief executive officer of ATIC said: “We look forward to working with the GlobalFoundries team to leverage the collective successes of Singapore, Dresden and New York as we create the industry’s next innovation cluster in Abu Dhabi.”

GlobalFoundries has played down rumours of a purchase of Taiwanese foundry UMC. Chief executive Doug Grose said the company has no plans for further  acquisitions: “We had no discussions with UMC.”

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