Demand for CPUs and hard disks booming

Sales of CPUs and hard disks are booming as hardware makers emerge from recession and prepare for a worldwide upturn in business spending on new IT hardware.

Analyst firm IDC estimates that factory sales of external and internal disk storage systems in the first quarter of 2010 grew 17 per cent year on year to $5bn (£3.4bn), as computer and storage system makers tune in to growing demand from business buyers for PCs, servers and storage appliances.

Elsewhere this week, research firm Gartner revised its predictions for worldwide semiconductor sales upwards in the face of similarly strong demand from computer and mobile phone manufacturers.

The company is now projecting sales of CPUs would be worth $290bn (£198bn) in 2010, up 27 per cent over 2009, with the PC and mobile phone markets accounting for 40 per cent of that growth.

The impact of the tablet PCs like the iPad, which is estimated to have sold over 2 million units in the first two months of its release, will not be seen until 2013, said Gartner.

Separate figures from a semiconductor industry association (SIA) report calculated sales of CPUs for April 2010 to be worth $23.6bn (£16bn), a 50 per cent year on year increase on April 2009.

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