The IET library: your springboard into job hunting

Info on your target firms and sectors, plus advice on the job search: dive in to the IET library

Job hunting can be an anxious time: how are you going to land that perfect job in today’s rocky climate?  

With careful preparation (and a bit of luck), it’s still a distinct possibility. This is exactly where the resources at the IET library can help; you could transform this tricky time to one of hope and exhilaration!

If you can get into London, why not pop into the IET library reading room? It’s Wi Fi enabled and there is access to several PCs as well as marvellous views overlooking London’s River Thames to boot…..inspiration beckons!

Research for the search

Stocked with company directories such as Kompass and daily broadsheets, the library has many books to help you get your career and job search on track.  

Most can be sent to you on loan if you are a member of the IET. Here are a few examples:

Moreira, P. Ace the IT job interview, London, Osborne McGraw-Hill, 2002

Body of knowledge for railway signalling and telecommunications engineers, issue 1.0. [cd-rom], London, IRSE, 2003

Wirth, L. Breaking through the glass ceiling: women in management, Geneva, International Labour Office, 2001

Yardley, D. Careers in computing and IT, 2nd edn, London, Kogan Page, 2000

Choosing your first job? (IEE guide), Stevenage, IEE, 2000

Inside careers: information technology 2009/2010, London, Cambridge Market Intelligence, 2009

Freeman, R. B. Science and engineering careers in the United States: an analysis of markets and employment, Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 2009

Roberts, G. SET for success: the supply of people with science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills. The report of Sir Gareth Roberts' review, London, HM Treasury, 2002

Studying STEM: what are the barriers? A literature review of the choices students make, Stevenage, IET, 2008

Summary of 2008 survey findings: engineering and technology skills and demand in industry, Stevenage, IET, 2008

Ficco, M. What every engineer should know about career management, Boca Raton, CRC Publisher, 2008

Phipps, A. Women in science, engineering and technology: three decades of UK initiatives, Stoke on Trent, Trentham, 2008

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