Staff volunteering 'can reduce training costs'

Getting staff to do voluntary work can be a worthwhile part of their training and help employers keep costs down, according to a new report.

The ‘Volunteering: The Business Case’ report from Corporate Citizenship highlighted that the majority of City employees who undertook a voluntary placement at a local school or college felt they had gained some valuable skills, including better communication and organisational skills.

It was also found that staff volunteering could help businesses cut down the amount spent on traditional training methods.

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Wilson, director of Corporate Citizenship, said: "Volunteering requires employees to step outside their normal working role and build relations with people who perhaps have a very different world view from their own.

"Respondents report that moving outside their 'comfort zone' in this way is extremely useful in both developing their skills and transferring these skills back into the workplace."

Earlier this month, Volunteering England highlighted that volunteering can be good for employees' wellbeing as it makes them feel happier and healthier.

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