Sematech says EUV underway ahead of 2014

Process-research consortium Sematech has predicted that extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography will go into production in the next few years with more widespread adoption seen by 2014 following the organisation's mid-May Litho Forum.

At the forum, presenters from IBM, TSMC, Tokyo Electron and GlobalFoundries reviewed the current state of lithography and activities supporting lithography options, including EUV insertion, double patterning process development, the use e-beam lithography for 22nm and sub-22nm and overall tool readiness.

More than 130 attendees were surveyed on their plans and preferences on lithographic approaches for future manufacturing. The survey found that
]93nm immersion lithography with double patterning will be the method of choice in 2012 but chipmakers are worried about the increase in cost the move to double patterning will mean.

Although some manufacturers will use the technology sooner, EUV would be capable of being placed into manufacturing in 2014, For EUV technology, mask defects, source power, exposure tool throughput, and cost of ownership were rated the top challenges, 193 nm and EUV were chosen as the technologies that would be considered for manufacturing at the 32 nm node or beyond.

“The fundamental enabler of the industry is improving the cost per function,” said Dan Armbrust, president and CEO of Sematech. “For the industry to evolve, business models need to take into account collaborations to control costs and extend current technologies while building the infrastructure for future solutions.”

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