IT managers under data backup 'stress cosh'

Fear has become a defining characteristic of data recovery for many IT managers, according to a scary survey commissioned by backup and disaster-recovery specialist Acronis.

Asked about the prospect of recovering data after a virus attack or hard drive failure, 600 SME respondents - based in the UK, France, and Germany - classed it as either ‘stressful’ or ‘very stressful’ - largely due to the poor backup and recovery practices existing in many organisations, plus the potential impact which data loss has on a company’s productivity and revenue.

The survey also highlights the stress levels which IT mangers are under when it comes to disaster recovery processes: it found that one of the main sources of stress is ensuring that the CEO’s data is protected. The results suggest that although IT managers realise how vital backup and recovery is, they often do not have the correct processes in place to be confident in their disaster recovery procedures, resulting in high stress levels in many organisations.

Some 29 per cent of respondents class the stress of losing their CEO’s data as being ‘equivalent to realising that they have forgotten their passport when they arrive at an airport’. A further 29 per cent designated it as being ‘as stressful as being late for a job interview’.

When asked who they feel the most pressure from to recover data, 59 per cent of respondents ‘feel the strain’ from their CEO or direct boss/line manager, while for 25 per cent of IT managers the pain is self-inflicted: they report feeling the most pressure ‘from themselves’.

The survey was conducted by research consultancy Vanson Bourne with a sample consisting of 600 IT managers SME and mid-market organisations (250-1,000 employees) across the UK, Germany, and France.

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