iPad apps spell operator trouble

Apple's iPad generates two and a half times as much mobile data as the iPhone using the same application.

If these results are borne out more widely they could beat news for wireless networks operators such as AT&T, which has struggled to expand its network capacity to cope with the demands of the iPhone and other smartphones.

Joel Brand, vice-president of product management at Bytemobile, said: “The fundamental reality is that network capacity is a constrained resource, even with technological advances and investments in infrastructure expansion. Another quantum leap in data traffic caused by a new class of device will further strain capacity, and operators need to prepare their networks now in order to avoid consumer backlash.”

According to the Bytemobile survey, the USA Today app generated 6.3 times as much traffic on the iPad as on the iPhone, GoogleMaps generated 2.6 times, Bloomberg generated 2.5 times, eBay 1.5 times and the Internet Movie Database 1.4 times.

Bytemobile sells software to optimise the flow of data over mobile networks.

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