Distributor launches web tools for parts search and 3D

Distributor RS Components has put together its own parametric component-search tool and a database of of 3D CAD models for electromechanical parts. Later in the year, RS plans to add free PCB design tools with the idea of encouraging engineers to implement entire designs using software and parts supplied by the company.

Glenn Jarrett, head of electronics marketing at RS, said: “We sat alongside our customers, looked at how they work today and considered the part that RS can play in helping them use their time more effectively. The platforms we have created are based on that work. Developing our online environment will be a major part of our customer service focus in the years to come.”

The Component Chooser is based around a searchable database of 260,000 passive, electromechanical and semiconductor components from RS’s suppliers. These components are classified according to five million different attributes chosen to suit the many different types of component in the catalogue. Later in the year, RS will add the ability to search for parts that lie within a range of values, such as bandwidth in the case of op-amps. 

RS has added downloadable 3D models of components to its website. Initially, the company is offering models of 20,000 electromechanical and interconnect products which can be imported into the designer’s CAD software through formats such as IDF.

“A lot of E-CAD tools now have integrated 3D viewers,” said Mark Cundle, technical marketing manager at RS, driving demand for accurate models of many components to help with the mechanical design.

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