Corrosion preventative is claimed free of volatile organics

The developer of a new corrosion preventative for metal surfaces has claimed that it contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and can be applied to wet or dry surfaces without causing air contamination or fire safety problems.

The liquid, called Dri Touch Non-VOC forms a colourless, dry-to-touch protective film that resists atmospheric humidity and corrosion, said supplier Birchwood Casey. It can be used on uncoated metal surfaces for long-term storage, or as a corrosion preventive over black oxide or phosphate conversion coatings, where it seals out corrosion and enhances depth of colour, the company added.

Its thin consistency, similar to penetrating oil, can penetrate recessed areas and lift moisture from blind holes. It is also non-conductive, and it dries and lubricates components without interfering with proper operation, plus it is compatible with most lubricants, hydraulic oil and cutting oil.

Birchwood Casey noted that Dri Touch Non-VOC, which can be applied by immersion or pump spray techniques, is rated for 100-150 hours salt spray and 600+ hours humidity protection. It meets water displacement test Mil-C-16173 and stain test Mil-C-22235A. It is a pale, amber liquid with a film thickness of 0.15 mil and a flash point of 120C, and it provides coverage of approximately 1500 square feet per US gallon (37 m2 per litre).

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