TSMC to move to 20nm instead of 22nm process

TSMC has said it will skip the 22nm manufacturing process node and move directly to a 20nm technology by the end of 2012.

Shang-yi Chiang, TSMC’s senior vice president of R&D, told delegates at the company’s 2010 Technology Symposium the move to 20nm will provide lower cost production than a 22nm process technology and makes it a more viable platform for advanced technology designers. He said TSMC is expected to enter 20nm risk production in the second half of 2012.  

The technology will be based on a planar process with high-k metal gates, strained silicon and low-resistance copper interconnect with ‘ultralow-k’ interlayer dielectrics.  

“We have reached a point in advanced technology development where we need to be actively concerned about the ROI of advanced technology.  We also need to broaden our thinking beyond the process technology barriers that are inherent in every new node,” said Chiang. “Collaborative and co-optimized innovation is required to overcome the technological and economic challenges.”

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