Remote health monitoring could be worth $1.9bn by 2014

Remote monitoring of the health of American hearts could help generate $1.9bn of mobile revenue by 2014.

The company says such first-world applications are likely to account for the bulk of early revenues from mobile health monitoring.

“In Africa, the opportunities for m-health monitoring will be limited, but SMS-based education programs will be rolled out there and these can be of great benefit,” said Anthony Cox, senior analyst at a Juniper.

The mHealth report says that mobile healthcare monitoring will grow quickly in the US and other developed markets, reducing healthcare costs, but that its application elsewhere will be limited by national wealth and the structure of the local healthcare market.

Juniper expects that fitness and healthcare apps for smartphones will also help contribute to mobile health revenues. Eventually it expects such apps to be integrated with advanced sensors that will be worn on the body.

‘Mobile Healthcare Opportunities: Monitoring, Applications & mHealth Strategies 2010-2014’ can be downloaded from

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