Q1/2010 'Dirty dozen' spam-relaying countries revealed

Sophos has published its latest report into the top 12 spam-relaying countries, covering the first quarter of 2010. China - often blamed for cybercrime by other countries - has completely disappeared from the so-called ‘dirty dozen’, coming in at 15th place with responsibility for relaying just 1.9 per cent of the world’s spam.

The USA continues its unpopular reign as top spammer, relaying more than 13 per cent of global junk mail.

“China has earned itself a bad reputation in many country's eyes for being the launch pad of targeted attacks against foreign companies and government networks,” says Sophos senior technology consultant Graham Cluley, “but in the last 12 months they can demonstrate that the proportion of spam relayed by their computers has steadily reduced.”

A new ‘gang of four’ within the Dirty Dozen (keep-up at the back – ed.) - South Korea, Brazil, India, and their ringleader USA – now account for over 30 per cent of all the spam relayed by hacked computers around the globe, according to Sophos’ findings.

By continent, Asia continues to dominate in spam, with more than a third of the world’s unsolicited junk email relayed by the region. Although the US remains the top offender by country, North America as a whole has reduced its spam throughput since last quarter, dropping from second to third place.

The top 12 spam-relaying countries for January to March 2010 are:

  1. USA - 13.1%
  2. India - 7.3%
  3. Brazil - 6.8%
  4. S Korea - 4.8%
  5. Vietnam - 3.4%
  6. Germany - 3.2%
  7. Italy - 3.1%
  8. Russia - 3.1
  9. United Kingdom - 3.1%
  10. France - 3.0%
  11. Romania - 2.5%
  12. Poland - 2.4%
    Others - 47.3%

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