Mask-programmed IC to soak up board functions

Silego Technology has launched a metal-mask programmable IC that supports common digital and analogue components.

The GreenSAK has been designed to operate as a stand alone IC capable of performing many 4bit and 8bit microcontroller applications and mop up a number of circuit components that normally call for discrete devices.

The company uses the GreenPAK, which carries a superset of functions provided by the GreenSAK, as a prototyping product. GreenPAKs are configured with software and a USB-based programmer.

After verifying circuit operation with GreenPAK, the design is ported to GreenSAK, which provides the same functions at a lower cost.

The GreenSAK carries a finite state machine, counters, delays, logic, comparators, A/D converter, voltage reference, oscillator and PWM.

“Silego’s GreenSAK products are the first ICs available to cost effectively remove massive numbers of passive and simple active components from large designs, improving reliability and reducing procurement issues while saving board area, power and cost,” said John McDonald, vice president of marketing and sales at Silego.

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