Kaspersky PURE could become 'open to third parties'

Kaspersky Lab is considering developing its new PURE home security software to become an operating platform for which approved third parties will be able to develop updates and plug-ins.

Speaking at Infosecurity Europe (Earls Court, 27-29 April), the company's CEO Eugene Kaspersky said that opening-up future versions of PURE to licensed third-parties is under consideration, with a view to creating developer communities around the product that could eventually form the basis of new security software industry standards. PURE was launched on 30 March, priced at £69.99 for a three-user package.

“This approach is evolutionary – maybe revolutionary – maybe both,” Kaspersky says. “What we have in mind is a new approach. Traditional anti-virus software is based on an fully-integrated model; but the market is changing, and a new model is needed. For the future it will not so-much be a question of protection, but a wider one of risk-management – not just defending against malware and intruders, but of making sure that the data that is already protected is kept safe from other threats, such as accidental data loss.”

Kaspersky would not elaborate on the open-to-third parties approach, but did not rule out the possibility that competitors such as Sophos, Symantec, and McAfee, would be able to create PURE plug-ins subject to Kaspersky Lab agreement.

“We want to create communities that create standards, and other security software companies want to contribute, then why not?” he added.

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