iPad release triggers new music apps

Music software developers have been quick to repurpose and extend existing iPhone/iPod Touch apps for the iPad, following the release over the weekend of Apple's latest digital media device.

Two popular music apps have already received the iPad upgrade treatment: IK Multimedia launched GrooveMaker, a remixing tool that works with prerecorded audio loops, while Sonoma Wireworks launched StudioTrack, an eight-track recording environment for sound-on-sound song construction.

Originally released for the iPhone and iPod Touch in August 2009, the iPad version of GrooveMaker [pictured above] takes advantage of the larger multi-touch surface by including an integrated, advanced controller. Large slider controls are provided for channel volume, pan and master volume of the eight controllable loop tracks. There are also controls for tempo, solo and mute functions on the same screen.

Four GrooveMaker packs for the iPad are available immediately, including a free version which features a 120-loop pack with a mix of House and Hip-Hop loops. Further loop packs are available for £5.99 each from the iTunes App Store.

Also taking advantage of the iPad’s increased screen size, Sononma Wireworks’ StudioTrack is an expanded version of the company’s existing FourTrack multitrack recording tool for iPhone and iPod Touch. With the iPad having a built-in microphone, recordings can be captured anywhere. WiFi sync allows recordings to be downloaded to any desktop computer for further processing and archiving.

The mixer interface features familiar meters, faders and knobs and multiple parameters can be controlled simultaneously, like an analogue mixing console. Mixer channels can also be freely dragged and rearranged as required.

StudioTrack includes a library of drum loops to help keep players in time and inspire new recordings and the software supports time signatures beyond the standard 4/4.

It is also possible to bounce recorded tracks down to a stereo mix to free up tracks for further recording and with the effects and mastering tools included (such as EQ, reverb, delay and compression), it is possible to start and finish a track entirely on the iPad.

StudioTrack costs $39.99.

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