Industry body calls on political parties to put management on the agenda

A leading industry body is today calling on political parties to put improving management in Britain higher up the agenda in the next Parliament.

Ruth Spellman, chief executive of the Chartered Management Institute, said: “Britain is suffering because our managers and leaders are simply not up to scratch. It’s clear that turning the present economic situation around is going to be the battleground on which this election is won and lost.”

She went on to say that since the CMI launched its manifesto to the three main political parties last November the body has secured a great level of cross-party support, with MPs including former Minister for Women and Equality, Meg Munn MP, John Hayes MP, Conservative Shadow Minister for Universities and Skills and Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary of State for Business, John Thurso MP signing up to our pledges.

“We’ve also recruited heavy-hitters from the business world, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and SimplyHealth. But we want to take this further. Now is the time to stand up and be counted – we need to put pressure on political parties to understand the impact bad management is having on the UK’s profitability and the huge part they have to play in addressing the issue.”

CMI research conducted in November showed that 47 per cent of the UK workforce has left a job due to bad management, while half said they would take a pay cut to work with a better manager.

Following consultation with the 85,000 managers, leaders and employers it represents, CMI then launched its Manifesto for a Better Managed Britain – – which sets out six pledges, two each for managers, employers and Government, with the aim of bringing about urgent action to improve management standards and pushing the development of management and leadership skills higher up the national agenda.

Spellman added: “Improving management and leadership standards is critical to the UK’s economic and social future, and is one of the most significant issues facing UK plc today. Only 1 in 5 managers holds any type of professional qualification and managers are no longer regarded as professional, competent or accountable. We cannot allow our three main political parties to lose sight of the need to act now to tackle these inadequacies.”

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