CSR loses US appeal in Broadcom GPS patent case

A lawsuit between chipmakers CSR and Broadcom will resume after a US appeal court ruled against CSR in another case.

CSR, whose customers include Nokia, Apple and Research in Motion, said it might face further litigation from Broadcom or others.

"We will continue to take appropriate steps to deal with any claims that may be made," the company said in a statement.

The lawsuit concerns SiRF, a US company that CSR bought a year ago, and predates the acquisition.

The US Court of Appeals backed a year-old ruling by the US International Trade Commission that SiRF had infringed on three Broadcom GPS patents, and banned the import of the infringing chips.

CSR has since redesigned those GPS chips, and the new versions are already on sale in the US.

“We believe this appeal was simply an attempt by SiRF to restore its reputation,” analysts at Citi said in a research note.

CSR said that as a result of the ruling, a 2006 patent case between SiRF and Broadcom, in which each is asserting patents against the other's products, would now proceed.

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