RJ45 plug for 10-Gigabit Ethernet

Harting’s RJ Industrial(R) 10G is the latest version of the RJ45 connector requiring no tools for connection, and featuring a future-proof design compatible with 10-Gigabit Ethernet applications.

The connection is made reliably and quickly using proven insulation displacement terminal technology. The insulation displacement terminals are designed for rigid and flexible conductors with an extremely broad range of wire cross-sections.

Cables with diameters from 4.5 to 9mm are securely fixed in place in the connector with a newly developed cable gland, allowing users to connect all standard Ethernet cable types with a single RJ45 connector design. The rugged and industry-standard IP 20 model is also suitable for multiport RJ 45 jacks.

In addition to the IP 20 models, all Harting’s existing IP 65/67 PushPull types up to the Han(R) 3A version are now available with the new RJ Industrial(R) 10G insert.

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