Playing with your clothes: the musical suit

A Swedish textiles and fashion design student has developed prototype clothing that plays music when touched.

The suit is called ‘Textile Design for a Nomad’, and was made by Jeannine Han as part of her master’s programme in textiles and fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles in Borås (the city that became the centre of Sweden’s weaving industry in the late 19th century).

“The outfit is made of material with integrated sensors that react when someone comes close or touches it,” said Dan Riley, who was responsible for the technology. He said that initially the sound is like a harp, but he and Han are working on ways to control the music better.

“We also want to develop the technology to make it easy to produce the clothing in the future,” said Han, adding that the aesthetics of such a suit are also vital.

She said that she and Riley also plan to start a band where one or more of the band members will wear the outfit and thus play themselves. She joked that it could make it considerably easier for bands to tour in the future.

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