OSCI produces analogue modelling spec

The Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) has the first full version of the analogue and mixed-signal simulation extensions to the SystemC language.

Designed for use with IEEE 1666-2005, the AMS language standardises new class libraries, layered on top of the SystemC standard, featuring specialised AMS system-level design and modelling methods. The AMS language reference manual (LRM) introduces new execution semantics for the efficient simulation of discrete- and continuous-time behavior, and incorporates updates from the public review conducted in early 2009.

The AMS 1.0 standard is available for download under open-source license at www.systemc.org. The standard includes the requirements specifications, AMS language reference manual (LRM), and a user’s guide, a comprehensive manual explaining all fundamentals of the AMS language standard and how to use the extensive set of features for AMS behavioral modelling at the system-level.

“The AMS extensions demonstrate how SystemC further advances with the collaborative effort of semiconductor industry, universities and research institutes,” said Eric Lish, OSCI chairman. “I am delighted that OSCI is in the centre of this standardisation effort, driving these innovative ESL design methodologies.”

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