Nokia revises market share downwards

Nokia has revised its market-share figures, based on a new definition of the mobile device market.

The revision is due to better measurement processes that give a clearer picture of how many handsets new vendors are selling, as well as a better idea of how many unlicensed and counterfeit products are being sold, mainly in Asia and the emerging markets.

Nokia now estimates that mobile device volumes in 2009 were 1.26bn units, rather than the 1.14bn units forecast using the old methodology. This shifts Nokia's 2009 market share down from 38% to 34%.

Applying its revised definition of the industry mobile device market, Nokia now estimates that industry mobile device volumes will grow approximately 10% in 2010, compared to 2009, that its market share will not grow in 2010, and that it will increase its share of the value of the mobile device markets slightly in 2010.

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