Nintendo to unveil "3DS" 3D DS handheld in June

Nintendo Japan has, this morning, announced that it will unveil its next handheld console at E3, the world's largest videogame trade show, in Los Angeles in June.

The handheld, temporarily named the Nintendo "3DS" is the next iteration of the company's massively successful DS dual screen handheld console platform. And will feature games that "can be enjoyed with 3D effects without the need for any special glasses."

The announcement has prompted several theories as to how the handheld console could provide a 3D viewing experience without glasses, with eye- tracking camera technology and lenticular lenses both having been mooted as possibilities.

Nintendo says it plans to release the 3DS before March 2011 and that it will be backwards-compatible with existing Nintendo DS games. The non-3D DS has already sold over 125 million units worldwide.

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