MIRA launches fixed-price certification

Motor industry consultancy MIRA is introducing a fixed-price automotive certification service that it says will not only reduce costs but also increase flexibility.

MIRA has taken advantage of the harmonisation of EU law, which empowers the national certification authority from any member state to provide certification applicable across the European Union. By collaborating with the Dutch certification authority (RDW), MIRA has achieved Technical Service status across 72 categories of test. This enables the organisation to both perform and witness a wide range of certification tests necessary for whole vehicle type approval and homologation.

MIRA's certification manager, Richard Whiting, explained: "We listen to our customers and they wanted to remove any uncertainty over the final price to ease their budgeting. Previously, the certification authority would send a representative to witness the testing. The customer would have to pay for travel, subsistence and all the time on site. If the test suffered a delay for any reason, the client would incur additional cost. MIRA's new 'technical service' status places the witnessing process under our control, affording greater flexibility and a potential cost saving. Our on-site witnessing capability ensures the engineer can be called at a moment's notice and is only present when needed."

MIRA's certification service extends beyond witnessing, to the compilation of all documentation necessary for submission to the technical authority.

Whiting explains: "Testing is just the first step, the customer needs to be made fully aware of the certification process – and that's where we can help. The sooner we open a dialogue, the smoother the process. They will also need to pass the Conformity of Production checks, for which we can also offer guidance."

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