Institute for Web Science 'predicated on collaboration'

The UK government is setting-up a £30m Institute for Web Science, that will co-ordinate international research into Web and Internet technologies.

Shadbolt is also a director of the Web Science Trust, and of the Web Foundation.

The Institute for Web Science will conduct research, collaborate with businesses, identify opportunities for social and economic benefit, assist in commercialising research, and help Government stimulate demand through procurement.

Funded through the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), the new Institute will “help place the UK at the cutting edge of research on the Semantic Web and other emerging online technologies, and ensure the Government is taking the right funding decisions to position the UK as a world leader,” says UK prime minister Gordon Brown.

The Institute will also advise Government on how semantic technologies can be used in the public sector, and how public procurement can be used to speed their adoption. Prime Minister Brown invited universities and private sector Web developers and companies to join the project.

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