IBM hit with another anti-trust complaint

TurboHercules emulates Neon Software and T3 to claim foul play in European mainframe market.

Neon Enterprise Software and T3 have filed similar complaints about IBM’s anti-competitive behaviour in the last 18 months, with TurboHercules alleging that IBM is illegally tying its mainframe operating system z/OS to its System z mainframe computers without giving customers the choice of using alternative software.

TurboHercules has developed an open source emulator that lets organisations run mainframe software on PCs, allowing software developers to create, test and maintain mainframe apps without actually needing access to a mainframe computer.

“Mainframe customers should be permitted to run the applications and data that they own and developed on the computer hardware of their choice,” wrote TurboHercules creator and co-founder Roger Bowler in a blog.

Neon Enterprise Software is currently suing IBM alleging that Big Blue has pressured System z customers to stop using Neon’s zPrime software on its mainframes.

In January 2009, T3 complained to the EC that IBM had engaged in anti-competitive actions including tying sales of its operating system to its mainframe hardware, and withholding patent licenses and intellectual property.

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