Huawei takes LTE to 1.2Gbit/s

Chinese telecoms equipment vendor Huawei claims to have run an LTE-advanced downlink at speeds of up to 1.2Gbit/s.

The demo used Huawei’s SingleRAN prototype LTE-advanced basestation with an 80MHz multi-carrier wideband radio and a host of other features to achieve the total bandwidth, including carrier aggregation, a 4x4 MIMO antenna scheme, coordinated multiPoint transmission, and relay.

Karen Yu, president of Huawei USA, said: “The record speeds, which are more than 40 times faster than existing 3G networks, are expected to revolutionise user experience by meeting bandwidth requirements of data-heavy applications.”

Huawei says it has been involved in more than 60 LTE deployments, including nine commercial networks.

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