Google Street View exposes SAS bases

Google's Street View service, which has recently been dramatically expanded, has again driven into controversy by publishing photographs of the entrances to several secret British military bases.

Paul Keetch, the South Herefordshire MP whose constituency includes an SAS base whose entrances appeared on Google Street View late last week told the BBC: "If you are a terrorist and you can get a detailed photo of a military installation for free online, that's bound to encourage you to think maybe I can break in there."

Google had responded: "Street View is only made up of images from public roads and so it's to be expected that buildings that anyone can see walking down the street may appear". But it appears to have changed its mind this morning.

Since warnings from the UK government which says the company has breached the Official Secrets Act that prohibits "loitering, photography, sketching" of sensitive buildings, the Google Street View pictures of the base's entrance are no longer online. It's understood that other controversial sites, including Aldermaston (atomic research), RAF Menwith Hill and Thames House will also be removed.

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